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 A winter of exciting indoor activities awaits at Rush Extreme 

Winter is here, and there’s no better time to up your adrenaline and embrace thrilling adventures. At Rush Extreme, we offer a winter wonderland filled with exciting activities that will make your heart race and leave you craving for more – no matter your age! From trampolining and climbing walls to dodgeball and slam dunk, our adventure park is ideal for all ages. 

Air Walk – Defy Gravity and Soar

Take your trampolining skills to new heights with our Air Walk. Use our Air Walk to challenge yourself to wall walk or jump up one of our three different level-height walls. Our Air Walk also features three high-performance trampolines to experience the thrill of defying gravity and reaching for your sky!

Foam Pits – Dive into Fun

The ultimate jumping experience awaits with our Foam Pits! Jump from our trampolines into soft bouncy foam cubes for a safe and exhilarating landing! Push the boundaries of your trampoline skills whether you’re starting out or already an expert. Our Foam Pits make the ideal winter activity for all ages!

Main Court – Boundless Bouncing Adventure

The Main Court at Rush Extreme is the main attraction! This is the space where you’ll find our interconnected trampolines that provide the perfect platform for you to leap, bounce, and show off your jumping skills! Our two long tumbling lanes stretch out before you to allow for more than enough space to show off your skills. And the indoor fun doesn’t stop there – The angled walls are trampolines too, giving your indoor day of fun at Rush Extreme a whole new dimension! 

Extreme Dodgeball – Airborne Team Battle

Bring your friends, family, and teenagers to battle it out with our Extreme Dodgeball Court. Use the trampolines to strategically dodge balls or launch into the air. Take out your opponents one by one. This dodgeball experience is like no other and makes for the ideal winter indoor activity! 

Climbing Walls – Reach New Heights

Up your climbing skills with our climbing walls. The ultimate climbing adventure is waiting where you get to test your agility and strength. Choose between our face-off wall for some friendly competition with friends, or tackle our UV-lit dark tower for an adrenaline-packed adventure!

Ninja Warrior – Become a Total Ninja

Are you ready to take on the Ninja? Jump, swing, hang, climb, and scramble your way through our Ninja Warrior obstacle course! Attempt the varying obstacles across four lanes and prove that you’re the ultimate Ninja Warrior! Are you ready to visit Rush Extreme to test your skills? 

Battle Beam – Balance and Conquer

Who balances the best? Your child, your teenager, or you? Test out your balancing skills with our Battle Beam, armed with padded batons, and let the face-off begin! Knock your opponent off onto our state-of-the-art airbag to become the champion! We’re waiting for you at Rush Extreme!

Slam Dunk – Defy Gravity

If you’ve always wanted to be a basketball superstar then Rush Extreme is for you! Slam dunk your way to victory with our hydraulic height-adjustable basketball hoop. Defy gravity with our trampolines soaring you to new heights with your dunk shots. Challenge your friends, colleagues, and children to see who has the best slam dunk at Rush Extreme. 

Super Tramp – The Ultimate Bouncing Adventure

Super Tramp is the ultimate indoor trampolining adventure at Rush Extreme, designed for high-level jumpers and beginners! Our oversized trampoline guarantees a fun-filled and safe activity for everyone. Bounce, flip, and source through the air! You don’t want to miss this indoor adventure.

Toddler Time – Fun for the Little Ones

Bring your toddlers to Rush Extreme for our Toddler Time, specially for children aged 4 and under. The older siblings and teenagers are welcome to enjoy a jump during these sessions too, making it the perfect indoor activity for the whole family! Your toddlers will experience exciting new ways to be active and have fun at Rush Extreme while being supervised by our fully-trained team

Conclusion: Winter is the perfect time to take on the rush of adventure, and Rush Extreme offers an array of indoor activities that will make your winter unforgettable. From trampolining to climbing walls, dodgeball to slam dunk, our adventure park is perfect for all ages that are looking for a fun indoor activity. Join us and embark on an exhilarating journey where the possibilities for excitement are endless. Get ready to defy gravity, push your limits, and experience the joy of winter adventure at Rush Extreme!

 A winter of exciting indoor activities awaits at Rush Extreme 

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