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Trampoline park etiquette is vital at Rush Extreme. From the fun we have on offer to burning off energy, spend quality time in the safest way possible. Rush Extreme is your go-to destination for all things trampoline-related with our wide range of thrilling activities on offer. However, it’s essential to be a safe jumper to ensure everyone around you is safe as well. We’re about to discuss some trampoline park etiquette for you to have the best time at Rush Extreme. 

Follow The Rules

Always follow Rush Extreme’s rules – You’ll be able to find them around the activities we have. These are there to protect jumpers and to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience. Our safety experts are always on hand to keep a watchful eye as well.

Keep An Eye On Younger Jumpers

Be careful of little ones jumping around you, and move away to ensure safety stays a priority. Our dedicated Toddler Time is also there for toddlers to jump amongst each other and others in their age bracket. All toddlers that are 4 years old or younger need an adult to accompany them on the trampolines. 

Be Kind To Staff

Our staff are there for you and your little ones, and for your safety. Be kind to them if they point something that will put you at risk of injury.

Good Hygiene

Good hygiene and appropriate clothing go together at Rush Extreme. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, and use hand sanitiser once your jump is over. 

Non-Slip Socks

All jumpers at Rush Extreme require our non-slip socks. These add to ensuring hygiene levels as well as your overall safety when jumping. 

Having fun and staying safe is what we pride ourselves on at Rush Extreme. We want you to have the ultimate indoor experience no matter what your age and to walk out of the trampoline park with a smile on your face! Book your jump at Rush Extreme today!