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Planning your child’s birthday party can be an exciting yet daunting challenge. Finding a venue that offers excitement and safety, while ensuring both parents and children can have fun doesn’t come easy. This is where Rush Extreme comes in as the perfect birthday party venue for your child’s next birthday. Our recently redesigned spaces offer luxurious and state of the art party rooms that have been designed with both children and parents in mind!

Trampolines and More

Rush Extreme isn’t just a trampoline park, our exciting activities cater to children of all ages. Let the kids jump on trampolines, attempt the obstacle course, try their hand at slamdunk, and have a fun-filled day celebrating with friends and family. 

Safe and Supervised

Safety is one main priority at Rush Extreme and we know that providing a secure and safe environment for your child is vital to ensure they have fun while you have peace of mind. Our highly trained staff members are always present to assist and guide the little ones. 

An Exciting Experience

Your child’s birthday will be the standout one that gives them and their friends an exciting and unforgettable experience. Rush Extreme’s attractions include our foam fits, ninja course, dodgeball, and so much more. 

Stress-Free Planning 

We know how stressful this can be and that’s where Rush Extreme can take the pressure off you. Our customisable party packages ensure you can tailor the party to your child’s preferences and your budget. 

Indoor Convenience

The weather is always unpredictable, but when you have Rush Extreme as your child’s birthday party venue, you can rest assured that the day won’t be affected by rain or sun! We host birthday parties all year round and they always go down smoothly, regardless of the weather outside!

Luxurious Rooms

Our party rooms offer comfortable seating, charging points, premium coffee (all parents need that!), filtered water and a space that ensures you are comfortable too. These rooms are practical and ensure you have a venue that is enjoyable to you and your child.

When it comes to planning your child’s next birthday party, allow Rush Extreme to take the stress off your shoulders while giving you and your child an unforgettable day! Find out more about our birthday party packages today: