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Toddler Time is an active indoor adventure for your little ones at Rush Extreme! These toddler sessions have been designed for toddlers ages 4 and under and provide a safe environment for your little ones to start their trampoline explorations and engage in physical activity. We also extend a welcome to the older siblings who are allowed to jump during these toddler sessions. Your toddler time ticket includes access for you and your little one, and your little one needs to be accompanied by an adult during the session.


At Rush Extreme, we know how vital it is to provide a space where young children can release their energy and develop their motor skills. Our toddler sessions encourage physical movement, coordination, and balance, and help children strengthen their muscles while enhancing gross motor skills.


Rush Extreme’s Toddler Time sessions are not only there for physical activity but encourage social interaction and learning. Your little ones have the opportunity to engage with our children around their age, promoting communication and learning valuable skills through play.


Our staff members are always present, and everyone has ensured a fun-filled indoor activity at Rush Extreme.


Bring your little ones to Rush Extreme and enjoy our Toddler Time sessions.


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