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(only available in our Cape Town park)

Ninja Warrior is where the ultimate ninja adventure awaits! Release your inner ninja as you jump, swing, hang, climb, and scramble your way through our thrilling obstacles.


Rush Ninja caters to ninjas of all ages and offers an exhilarating experience for all. Due to the physical nature of the obstacles, we have a height restriction of 1.3m to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all ninjas taking on the course. At Rush Extreme, we invite the smaller ninjas to join the fun during quiet times while our fully trained staff supervise and keep a watchful eye.


Rush Extreme’s Ninja Warrior allows you to have a thrilling journey through four lanes of obstacles for you to scramble through. Each one designed to test your strength, agility, and determination.


For friendly competition and personal growth, challenge your friends and each to see who can complete the Rush Extreme Ninja Warrior course the fastest. Navigate the lanes, crush the obstacles, and become the ultimate Rush Extreme Ninja Warrior!


Rush Extreme’s Ninja Warrior course is not another indoor activity. The physical and mental benefits are a fantastic way to stay active, build strength, and improve your coordination. Gain confidence with each obstacle and feel the adrenaline rush!


Join us today at Rush Extreme’s Ninja Warrior indoor activity – Exclusive to Rush Extreme Cape Town.

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