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The Battle Beam is the ultimate balance test at Rush Extreme. The Battle Beam is thrilling where victory awaits the champion who can knock their opponent off. The fun doesn’t end there – We have a slackline suspended over the airbag to provide the safest and most exhilarating opportunity to push your balance to the ultimate limit.


The Battle Beam at Rush Extreme is a unique attraction that challenges your skills and endurance as the ultimate safe indoor activity. From the moment you step onto the beam, your focus and determination will intensify. Once the baton is in your hand, you’ll be able to aim while you maintain your balance and focus on trying to unseat your opponent.


The Battle Beam is no exception to the safety at Rush Extreme. The surrounding areas at the beam are carefully designed with padding and safety measures to ensure a secure environment around a cushioned landing.


Test your balance and coordination with our slackline! This indoor activity adds another dimension to your Rush Extreme indoor experience. The Battle Beam and slackline are both suitable for the whole family.


Improve core strength and enhance focus, concentration, and strategic thinking at Rush Extreme.

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