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Air walk away and take your trampolining to the next level with our three high-performance trampolines at Rush Extreme. Each one is designed to push the boundaries of excitement.


Test your limits by mastering the art of wall walking with our specially designed walls where you can defy gravity and scale them with ease!

With different height levels at Rush Extreme, our Air Walk caters to different degrees of difficulty. Conquer the first level of this indoor activity and scale up the tallest wall. From children to adults, the Air Walk at Rush Extreme is the ideal indoor activity for any age!


At Rush Extreme, trampolining is more than a sport. We’re dedicated to giving you a safe and memorable experience for the whole family. Not only are our trampolines regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the highest level of safety, but they’re also meticulously crafted. To add to the safety of your children, Rush Extreme ensures that all staff are qualified to add peace of mind to your visit.

The indoor activities at Rush Extreme are waiting for you and the whole family! From the first bounce to the daredevil jumper, push limits and experience the thrill of soaring through the air with our trampolines helping you defy gravity.

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