Dear Rush Claremont,

I came to you for the first time this Saturday past for a birthday party my son was attending (the birthday girl was Yael).

I am so impressed by how well managed the event was, especially amid the exuberant activity. Our group was courteously and efficiently herded from one area to the next, and then when it was time to go to the food and drinks, we were graciously hosted and served.

We were looked after by Moeneeba and her team, and I also complimented her on the day. I must relate what I felt was an extraordinary act of consciousness, which shows me that you either found a real gem of a person, or your training is superb. I was sitting off to the side of the main group as I had an infant on my lap. I had already been offered to be brought some food and something to drink by one of the staff (a young woman, I didn’t get her name). My baby was drinking out my water bottle when a young man (wearing a white T-shirt) came over and offered me a straw for the baby to use. This is the act that so impressed me: this young man, who looked too young to have raised a baby himself, foresaw a possible need of me, the client, and sought to meet it.
I hope that you will recognise this young man for his sterling consciousness and attention, and groom him for great things.

And a compliment for the safety staff: they are excellent on all levels. They pay sharp attention to the trampoline areas, they are polite when explaining rules, and they are courteous yet firm when enforcing them.

I must admit that my first impression of the venue was, “Wow, this is amazing, but I can’t afford to do this often.” However, by the end of the event, I was already planning my return visits, with friends (and interested in all the activities offered).

My point is this: the excellent service received from all staff members made an incredible difference, and makes me readily justify spending more than I automatically would on an outing — it is certainly a value-add and I hope you keep it up.

See you again soon!!

By Simon Nye

I just wanted to express how AMAZING our party was yesterday.
We received so much more than I was expecting – beautifully set tables, pizzas were delicious and the party hosts couldn’t do enough. All so very organised.

Thank you!!

By Dawn Blank

Hi Jody, Just wanted to say thank-you to Tracy and her partner for a very professional party. They were perfect and looked after us and the kids so well. It was a real pleasure.

By Monika Ehrentraut

Good Day

I would just like to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service which I had received from Irfan and Tracy on Saturday, 19 March – Imaan Salie’s party. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Irfan – he made the girls feel so welcome and comfortable. He reassured me that he will get everyone together and sorted and escorted them to the jump area. Thank You Irfan – keep up the friendly work.

Irfan then escorted us to the party room, where we were welcomed by another friendly lady, Tracy. In the party room, the tables were set, but Imaan wanted her own cups and plates on the table, and without hesitation, Tracy replaced the cups and plates with the ones that Imaan brought. Tracy and Irfan kindly asked me to sit down and relax and arranged for a cup of coffee for me and my guests, and reassured me that she has everything under control. Tracy and Irfan were professional and friendly in their approach and I hope that this is the kind of service that will be present permanently in your organisation as this is exactly what customers want to have.

Thank You for making our experience at rush memorable. We will be back.

Kind Regards and Thank You!!

By Shanaaz

Dear Mike

I took a group of children to Rush Greenstone this morning. It was a group of 23 children and many of them have cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome etc. I have to congratulate you on a fantastic establishment and staff. Everyone were so friendly, kind and professional and were so nice and accommodating.

Zante- working at the counter- so friendly and patient, thank you!!! The young gentleman that worked next to you- I think his name was Dean- just as friendly and helpful.

Romano- what an awesome, friendly person. He came to check up on the group every now and then to make sure everything still good.

The African gentleman that worked at the foam pit- All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! He has the patience of an angel and looked after the kids so well. He was so good with the special needs children in particular.

Mike- thank you for making us feel so welcome and for being so friendly- you are awesome with the kids and clients.

I am sure there are others who also helped with the kids whom I didn’t notice- so to all of you at Rush- a VERY BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Lelanie le Roux

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